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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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claim thereto, & with the help of our young Men &
some Indian children, moved the her things immedi-
ately out & we took possession, cleaned out the house
got our provisions & other baggage in & took up
our lodging here for this night.

It may be proper to note, that before we agreed
to pay the whole purchase money aforesaid at
one payment we enquired particularly into the
character of the Woman, & was inform’d that she was
a sober woman drank no whisky, & would be like
ly to make good use of her money.

5th day, 24th

This Morning our young Men got to
Work, having previously borrowed some tools of Corn-
planter; they got a piece of Ground cleared of rubbage
& dug up for a garden, & our small quantity of po-
tatoes planted, & the ground prepared for the recep-
tion of some other seeds, when they were stopped in
their business by rain, which continued at inter-
vals for most of this day.

About 11 OClock we felt our minds engaged
to draw into our new habitation & sit down toge-
ther for religious retirement, in which we were