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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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proposed for our settlement, & where we this day pro-
pose going, in order to agree with some of the Indians
for a Cabbin to accommodate our friends till they
should have leisure to build for themselves.

Accordingly about noon we set out Some on horseback
& some in a Canoe, with our baggage & accompanied
by Henry Obeal our Interpreter, about 3 in the
afternoon we met again at the place proposed &
shortly after had a conference with the Woman who
owned the Cabbin, we had pitched upon as most
suitable for our purpose, we found her willing to
part with her house but she manifested some reluc
tance in parting with the fruits of her labour, in
four or five small patches of Corn, vines & c. not
more than one of which contained much more than
a square perch of ground, & the while we thought
would not have produced more than 3 or 4 Bushels of
Corn, but after some time she gave them all up, but
one which lay some distance off & appeared not much
in our way we at length agreed for the House & appur-
tenances, excepting the one Lot of corn aforesaid, which
was reserved to her for the present year & paid her 20 Dolrs
as the whole purchase Money & she relinquished all