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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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it back again, we were of the mind they had better
take their Money which we apprehended was, or
would be made secure for them, & endeavour to be
as contented as they could about it.

This evening Cornplanter presented us with
a quantity of Seed Corn of different kinds suitable
to the climate, Some seed Potatoes, a large proporti-
on of Beans of divers kinds a variety of useful Seeds
such as pumpkins, Cucumbers, water Mellons &
these he inform’d were a collection brought in by his
people, & given to us as a blessing to begin with
we acknowledged their kindness, & would have ta-
ken only a part of them, there being much more of
each kind, excepting potatoes, than we should
stand in need of for beed; but they insisted that we
should take the whole, which we accordingly did,
and felt an encouraging belief that this small
present originated from a hearty goodwill to us,
and our undertaking.

4th day 23rd

The forepart of this day some of our com-
pany were engaged in writing, & arranging our
business whilst others were employ’d in preparing
for our removal up to Genisenguhta the place