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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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hours in viewing the land in this village & its vicinity
& believed it not quite equal in quality with that of
Jenuchshedaga, the place we last came from: this
circumstance together with that of the Indians hav-
ing mostly left it, and settled with their chief, at the
place aforesaid made it somewhat trying to deter-
mine where to make our settlement, but after mature
consideration & taking into view every occuring cir-
cumstance relative to the concern, we were at length
favoured to write in fixing upon a spot near the
old village which is in New York state about 4
Miles above the Pennsylvania line.

After we had come to this conclusion amongst
ourselves, we informed Cornplanter & those who
were with him of our result, adding that if they
liked it, we hoped they would tell us so; & if they
did not like the place we proposed we wished them
to be plain with us & tell us so; and propose some
other that they should like better. To which Corn
planter returned answer in substance as follows.

I told you, all our Land is before you, you
may choose any place you like best, & this Man
who lives here, in this town, is very sober Man, most