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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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poor & have to work & our Men are often out a
hunting, and have to attend to their game.

We let him know we did not think hard
of them about this matter, and then informed him
of our conclusion as above.

About 10 OClock we sat down, & Cornplanter
& several others came in, & sat quiet & sober for
some time, & quietly withdrew excepting Corn-
planter, who staid the sitting out, with apparent
solidity; our door was open & divers came and
looked at us, and manifested no lightness on the

2nd day 21st

Agreeably to our proposals of seventh
day we made early preparations to go up the River
to Genisenguhta an Indian village about 9
Miles up, in the State of New York, in order to
view the Indian Lands & endeavour to determine
the most eligible place for our friends to settle &
make a beginning amongst them; About 9 OClock
Cornplanter his Son Henry & three others were in
readiness to accompany us, we all /being 10 in num-
ber/ went aboard a single Canoe & in a few hours
arrived at our destined pos; We spent several