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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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loose, for the first time, without any inclosure.

This place is in the fork of a water called Oil
, from its affording a peculiar unctious matter
known by the name of Seneca Oil, and in such plenty
that we were inform’d one man gather’d in the course
of last summer three Barrels, which he sold at Pitts-
for 4 Dollars a Gallon.

3rd day 15th

Left our Quarters between Six & seven,
proceeded on thro’ the Wilderness & at several stages
made about 24 Miles this day & arrived in the even-
ing at a small Cabbin, on a Water called broken
where we lodged. This was a tedious days ride
sometimes we had a blind path & sometimes none
indeed our way for badness almost surpassed de-
scription, to delineate the Bushes, logs, trees, stones
roots, & boggs thro’ and over which we passed would
require great ingenuity.

4th day 16

Proceeded on, traveled about 14 Miles, to
Warren, a Town laid out & one house built at the
Mouth of the Conewango Creek here we staid ther
afternoon & all night, turning our houses into the
Woods to pasture. At this place we met with