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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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a parcel of indians, most of whom were in liquor &
some of them quite drunk, One of the settlers having
brought up some whiskey, which was retailing out
amongst them, but J Johnston our guide who seem’d
to have the command at this place, soon put a stop
to this business, at least for the present; & he inform’d
us that he had used no spirits in his company last
summer, & that several of the surveyors had come to
a resolution to entirely reject this pernicious article.

5th day 17th

About 8 this morning left our quarters
& having hired an Indian for our guide, proceeded on
through a very rough wilderness country about 15
miles to Cornplanters lower village on the Allegany
where we arrived about two in the afternoon, & were met
just at our entrance into the village by Cornplant-
er & a number of others, & conducted into his Cabbin,
which is not distinguishable from others in the vil-
lage, but by being a little longer. After uncasing
our horses carrying in our baggage & we seated
ourselves & Cornplanter, his Son Henry & several others
came & sat down with us & after a short pause Corn-
planter expressed his glad ness to see us (his son Henry
being Interpreter) & his thankfulness to the great Spirit