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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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1st day 13th

Proceeded on, traveled this day at several
Stages 35 Miles to Fort Franklin, on the Allegany
where we lodged & in the evening presented the afores’d
Letter from General Wilkinson on to Captain Fowler
who expressed great pleasure in complying with
the contents thereof.

From Pittsburgh to this place traveling is dif-
ficult, the Roads extremely bad, & accommodations
next to intolerable, neither hay nor grass is at this
season to be had, nor any kind of grain excepting
Oats at a few places, which are from 10/4 to 15/-a Bushel

2nd day 14th

About 8 this morning a gain waited on
Captain Fowler, breakfasted with him, & received
upon credit of General Wilkinson’s letter 4 bushel
of Indian Corn, half an hundred of flour, 2 Quarts of
Salt & a twilled bag, & Joseph Johnston assistant
Surveyor to the Holland company, undertook to pilot
us, within 15 Miles of Cornplanters settlement, & to
procure us another from that place.

About One OClock left Fort Franklin forded French
, proceeded on thro’ the Wilderness 18 Miles where
we came to an house & lodged pretty comfortably on
our even blankets & also found pretty good pasture
in the Woods, for our horses, where we turned them