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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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present errand, & manifesting a disposition desirous
of contributing both to our encouragement & assistance
He also renewed, in our presence, his directions to Major
afores’d to forward our Goods immediately up
to Cornplanters settlement on the Allegany.

After this conference, some of our number accompani-
ed the Quarter Master to look for a boatsman, whilst
others attended to the necessary arrangements in order
to prepare our Goods for going on board.

About three in the afternoon, a board was in rea-
diness & the Quartermaster furnishing a waggon, we
soon got our goods collected to the water side, weighed
& put on board amounting in the whole to 4734 lb
for which, we understand the Boatman is to receive
from Major Craig 20/ 100lb for their carriage to
Cornplanters town.

We next attended to the providing Some neces-
sary Articles of provisions to carry with us on horse-

7th day 12

About eight in the morning some of
our number waited again on General Wilkinson
agreeably to his request of yesterday who again treated
us with great civility & openness & after expressing his