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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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fested an obliging & attentive disposition relative to
the business, & promised to have a boat ready to-
morrow for the purpose, & kindly offerd to introduce
us to General Wilkinson, as early in the morning
as would be convenient.

We next paid attention to procuring such
Articles of provisions & as appeared necessary hav-
ing been informed at Redstone, that no advantage
would be derived from purchasing them in that neigh-
bourhood or any where short of this place.

The following Articles were agreed to be necessary
& accordingly provided vizr.

4 ½ bus. Potatoes, 3 Barrels wheat flour 2 Do
Indian Meal 2 bus of indian Corn, 3 ½ bus of Oats
1 bus diced apples, 35 lb Sugar, 126 lb Bacon, 30 lb
Biscuit, 28 wb heese 8 ½ lb Laid, ½ Bus Salt, 12
Lights window Glass, 2 Setts hame Irons, 1 pair
Pot hooks, 1 small Iron kettle, & several other
small articles.

6th day 11th

This morning in company with
major Craig waited on General Wilkinson, at
his own house, who rec’d us with obliging respect,
expressing his great satisfaction to see us on our