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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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his good wishes for the success of the cause we are en-
gaged in, in general & a particular solicitude that
Little Turtle & his nation, might be attended to, as
soon as way open’d for it, he handed us the following
Letters /Viz/

To Captain Fowler, Agent of the Qr Master General
Fort Franklin,
Head Quarter Pittsburgh
May 12th 1798

This will be handed to you by W Peirce,
of the Society of Friends in Philada who, with sever
al Associates, is on a visit to the Seneca Nation with
views to make some establishments, which may prove
useful to those people & interesting to the rights of
humanity: you will be pleased to furnish W Peirce
a guide, forage for this horses, provisions, & any
accommodations he may need, charging the accruing
expences to their proper heads.

With respect & esteem, I am Sir
your Obed Servt
Ja Wilkinson