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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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As it appears that it is an antient Custom am-
ong the Indians and remains with Some Tribes to
this Day’ that when they bury their Dead they bury
with them all that belongs too them, such as, Silver; kettles,
Tomyhauk, Clothing &c. And some of the white People
near the Cayugas (as I am told, have from time to time
opened some of their Graves to get those things buried
with them; for which ill usage, the Indians have
been much Exasperated about.

I left Oneida the 10th Day of the 9th Month
. In order to return to my Native Country;
after taking a farewell of my two Companions, and the
beloved Indians, I set out for Fort Scuyler on first
Day of the week, after a Solemn time of siting in silence
where I arrived about dusk 22 Miles from thence
by Mule Stage to Scannajoharry 40 miles Loging there
from thence to Schenectady 39 miles Lodging there from
thence to Albany 16 miles Tarring there about 27