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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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ple would learn better. However they Said
they would use those Impliments as well as they could, or
words to the same perport. The Counsel broke up
I Delivered them all the articles and told them how
to fix & use them. And requested some of their Sober Peo-
ple to take & Devide them amongst their Nation.

I proposed to them to Layout Some of their Anu-
ity for a grindstone, to grind there Tools; And they
agreed to do so, and Ephraim Webster said he would
get it for them & charge them nothing for his trouble;

I felt my mind easy and released, and left their
about 2 oclock got to Fosters Inn that evening, from
thence Home, after a tiresome Journey of 140 Miles
I arrived at Oneida, with the answer of Peace, for I
can truly say I sought for best wisdom to direct one through
this Journey & the business committed to my trust.

being absent from Oneida about Ten Days
My Expence was 2£ 1s 7d