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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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or foremost, And our Friends, Jacob Taylor, Henry Simmons Jun.
and Enoch Walker, are hereby authorized and Desired to pay
the above Mentioned Premiums, agreeable to what is herein.
above Particularly Mentioned;

Sixth Month 1796

The Stockbridges’s have Six miles Square of Land, given to them
by the oneidas; it being Divided Each one a Hundred acres, they
are from old Stockbridg, in New England, They are a mixed
Tribe, There is about 340 People old and young; Their Anuity from Congress
New York Government is 350 Dollars;

The Tuscorora Indians are from Virginia, there is about 50 or 60
People Living on the oneida Reservation, they have no Land here
of their own yet, The greater Part of this Tribe Lives near Niagra.

There is about Six Hundred People old & yong of the Oneida
Nation, and their Anuity from the United States is about 7
Hundred Dollars, and from Government of New York, is
about Four Thousand Dollars, yearly;
which they Divide Equally among old and young.
They have about Ten Miles Square Lqt for themselves of Land