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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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Man accompanied us 4 or 5 Miles on our way to Eusopus a smart
Town, It was burnt by the British in the year 1777 and near Re
built, 22 miles; Thence to Katts kill a little Town, Lodged at a
Privet House, Jacob Bergordus’s 24 miles (He took us to see a Peace
of Land that had Sunk a few Days before, a noul of a hill about three
Acres, it had Sunk about 60 feet, Perpendicular on one Side, & Broke
all over, there being a flock of Sheep on it at the same time; but none
of them Lost; The cause is Supposed to be by the openness of the Earth;
Then crossing a branch of the North River so to Baltimore a Sma
ll Town Dined at Edward Hallucks Jun.r. Thence to Albany
42 miles, This is a Large Town, consisting of about 15 Hundred
Houses, And but one Family of Friends in it at this Time
Peter Field, by name; 4th of 8 mo. We left Albany Proceeding to
Schenectudy a Larg Town, 14 miles, Lodging there Then cross
ing the Mohoch in a boat and Traveling up it to Spreakes
35 miles Lodging There, Then crossing the Mohock
again by board, continueing the same course, Through some
Exsolent Lands; crossing the Mohock by bridg, So up it
to another Bridg at Fort Scuyler, a little Village
45 miles, the Mohock makes a square turn here north, we
Leaving it, Proceed to Wites Town 4 miles, a Little Town,