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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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which he has not sow meet to communicate to man &
which man cannot be accountable for. I know there are many
things in the material world that do exist, as well as events take
place in human affairs that are visible to our outward senses
but which our reasoning faculties cannot comprehend how
they are brought to progs; But I apprehend the almighty has not
left us so in the dark with regard to our Spiritual Concerns.
The knowledge of attaining salvation does not depend upon the
testimony of another. "He hath shewn unto thee a man what
is good & what he requires of thee & c" I will put my law
in their hearts inward parts and write it in their hearts.
and they shall teach no more every man his neighbour
and every man his brother Saying know the Lord, for they
shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of
them" Jer. 31. 33. 34.

With regard to the "blood of Christ not being understood as
the life of Christ when applied to our salvation, I shall only
refer thee to Barcklays appo. in his XIII proposition where
he treats largely "of the Body & Blood of Christ" and I
thank my dear friend thou will see, that unless I have
misunderstood thee, than differs from his La-rge description
of the Nature and effects of this Body flesh & Blood of
Christ, which I think he fully proves to be of a Spiritual
Nature & not to be understood of that "Body or temple of
Jesus Christ which was born of the Virgin Mary and in
which he walked lived & suffered in the land of Judea".

another part of thy testimony seem’d to imply as
though there was a great departure from Sacrndness of
principle amongs us. I do not pretend to be a discern
er of the thoughts, but I believe thou mistook the stole
of our meeting in this particular for I apprehend there are
very few of any among us to whom this doctrine would apply
and my impression was that it partook was too much of
under the influence of the party Spirit that is now laying waste the peace and
harmony of our Society, & I had a hope that on thy return
to American thou would take no part in this, but endea
vour as for thou might have influence to be a healer