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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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Genesinguhta 1st mo 23rd 1799 Dear Father,

The last letter I wrote thee was dated the 8th of 11th
mo 98
which I expect would be delivered by Jonas Thompson, since which
I have receiv’d no letters from thee or any of my friends in there parts
althoug I expect there are several on the way perhaps delay’d at
Pittsburgh for want of oppertunities to forward them, which is very rare at this Season
of the Year; and as we are now about writeing to the Committee and wish
to forward it as soon as possible I though it might not be unacceptable
to thee and some more others of my friends to hear from us, though I
did not expect to write again before Spring.

We all continue to enjoy our health & I think I never was so fat &
hearty in my life as the present Winter.

We had much Snow here the begining of Winter, it Snow’d almost
every day in the twelvth month, and about fore part of the first
till the snow was more then two feet deep but I think we have had
no weather so Cold as I have often know it in your parts. About
a week after Newyear it came a warm Spell and much rain which
took away the most of the Snow, broak up the River and caused a
dreadful flood which overflow’d the Banks, and went all round us
also rose about 1 foot in our Cellar. We were a little afraid it would
overflow the Bank on which the house stands though I suppose it has
seldom been the Case. The Weather has since been warm & pleasant
for the season and the Indians flocking home with their Canoes loaded
with the Game the have kill’d the present winter. One of our neigh
bours return’d a few days ago who said he had kil’d 120 Deer this
Season. They also kill some Bears and have supplied us with plenty of
exelent meat to do us another year. In the Fall I had some prospect
of being engag’d in a school this Winter, but on consideration we found it
best to Open the School at Cornplanter Village as the most of
the Children are there, and their being much Carpenterwork to do
which falls upon Joel Swayne and Me, Henry Simmons concluded