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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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who had not before taken the subject into
serious consideration may have been induced to toy the
experiment for themselves, and which has always resulted
in favour of the disuse of this article.

There are many deplorable instances of
the ravages of this weapon of destruction occur mighty destroyer occuring
in almost every neighbourhood where by individu
als are brought to an untimely end, & often their
families involved in great privation and distress.
It is believed by collecting in each County the most
conspicuous instances of this kind & having them
properly arang’d and brought into public view,
it might might not only have a favourable
impression on the many whose habits are leading
them on the verge of a dangerous precipice lay
viewing in such a mirror the true picture of
Drunkenness - Should such a plan meet your
approbation means may be devised to cooperate
in its execution.

We have had satisfaction in observing since
the formation of our little society that the subject
has been held up to view in many of the public
prints, & the public mind in some degree awakened
to its importance. Great changes in hab the
habits of a community (however dangerous their
tendency) cannot be expected at once, and but great
events we know have been produced from small
beginings. witness the rapid spread of emancipation