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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Halliday Jackson Correspondence 1799-1824

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were before thee & the Egyptian host behind, but by
attending to the heavenly leader, the pillar of
cloud by day, the fl d the salvation of God had
been manifest in dividing the flood, before thee &
causing the enemies to disapear & deliverance brought
about in an unexpected way. may the shepperd of
Israel still continue to be with thee in all thy movements
& then altho’ trying dispensations may be allotted thee
and, perils within & perrils without & even perrils
among false brethren yet thou shalt be enabled to
to pass unhurt through all and experience the fire
of that declaration of the prophet in speaking of the
Church. "No weapon that is formed against thee
shall prosper & every Tounge that shall rise up in Judgment against
thou shalt condemn." This is the heritage of the Servants of the"
Lord and the servants of the Lord & their righteousness of me saith the Lord"

But my dear friend I write not thus to exult
the creature (for this one of the engines of Satan)
but to encourage thee to faithfulness in the
discharge of thy duty to him who hath called thee
and whether thy future path may be in hights
or in debths, whether be strewed with flowers or with
thorns, there art fully sensible of the necessity of
that short command of our blessed Lord "what I say,
unto one I say unto all watch." This is the along
place of safety for any of us, and by keeping in the
low valley of humiliation we shall not be so likely
to get off our watch & remember that He who trium-
phed victoriously need not will encounter all the exerted powers and
temptations of Satan, and but to endure the buffet-
ings & percecutions of men as well as to stand against
their applause, when the Sang hosannahs on his
triumphant entry into Jerusalem and as he
led captively cappice and gave gifts unto men so ha-