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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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on both sides, the Country is very Rocky
and Mountainous - From Ticonderoga

to Skeensborough, the distance of 25 miles,
the Lake is like a narrow River, with
very high Cliffs on both sides, in some
places much resembling the High Lands
on Hudsons River. - About 12 miles below
Skeensboroug the River is contracted between
large Bodies of Marsh, which continue
nearly all the way up, - among these
Swam Marshes were great numbers of
Ducks of different kinds, but mostly
what are call'd Wood Ducks


We arrived at Skeensborough

11 oClock, the distance being 150 miles
from St. Johns - at Skeensborough are
fine Mills upon the Falls of Wood Creek
where it empties into the east end of
Lake Champlain, - the Land, in general
very rough & Mountainous, in which
are some fertile Vallies.


Having procured two waggons to bring
our Baggage, six of us set off about 7