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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Disposed of most of our spare Stores - Govr.

and Col. Pickering crossd over to
Buffaloe Creek, intending to go through the Genesee
Country down to New York. J.Parrish, Ja.
, J. Moore, & J. Elliott, also took their
leave of us, intending to proceed through the
woods to Philad. - General Lincoln, Ch.
, J.Heckenvelder, Dr. McCoskry, Wm.
& myself, intending to go by the way
Montreal to New York.


Procured Batteaux in which we put our
Baggage and embark'd about 9 oClock down
to Chippeway Creek, within two miles of the
Great Fall, where we arrived about one -
after Dinner J.Heckenvelder

& myself went
to take a second view of the Falls, we went
down by Birch's Mill, and along under the
Hill to Table Rock, opposite the Falls, J.H. being
fatigued would go no further, I procured a guide
and went about a mile below to a place where
we f by the help of Indian Ladders we
decended down to the waters edge, and went
along upon the broken Rocks up to the
Falls - The River to the Eastward of the Island
I suppose to be 250 yards wide, the lower end