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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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A small breeze from the Eastward
all night, - in the morning the South
Shore in sight - the Ottaway about 2
Leagues to Leeward - at 2 P.M the Land
on both sides the Lake in sight and the
- at 4 P.M. the Ottaway
abreast of us, about half a mile to an
Windward. - the Wind N.N.E.


The wind last night hauld round to them Sou
South, and continued a fresh breeze untill
morning - Our Course E.N.E. - The Ottaway
on our Lee bow about 4 Leagues distant
- the Land in sight on both sides the Lake
- at 10 A.M opposite Long Point, from whence
over to the opposite Shore, near Presq Isle

, the
distance is about 12 Leagues - at 2 P.M.
calm, no land to be seen to the Northward
- at 4 P.M.a breeze sprung up about
South, which increased and blew
fresh in the Evening.


About 1 A.M. anchor'd at Fort Erie

- the
wind blowing hard all day made it very difficult
to Land which prevented our making much progress
in preparing to get on our way to Niagara