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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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to all hopes of a Peace at present - the
substance of this lengthy reply, which fill'd
near two sheets of Paper was, that no consi-
-deration would induce the Indians to
give up their Country, and nothing short
of making the Ohio the boundary could give
them satisfaction, and if the Commissioners
could not agree to this there would be no use
in meeting at a Treaty - The answer was
signed, it is said, by sixteen Nations, being
all that were present except the Six
Nations, who all refused their concurrence
and are favourably disposed towards the
United States.- About 8 P.M. the two
young Onondaga

's return'd who were
sent express by the Commissioners, as
mentioned the 14th, they brought no
written reply, and could give very little in-
formation, except that they delivered their
message to Capt. Brandt the Mohawk Chief,
who informed that an answer to the Commissnr.
Speech was already gone down, the purport