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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Two Wiandots from the other side inform
us that an Indian from the Council arrived
last night at their Village with intelligence that
there had been great debates among them res
respecting the answer to be return'd to the
Commissioners The Shawnese

, Delawares,
Wiandots and Miami's being for war, and
the Six Nations, on the Contrary, peacably inclined,
that finally the Six Nations had prevail'd and
messangers were to be dispatched three Nights
ago with a favourable answer, and an invitation
for the Commissioners to come forward.- One of
the Wiandots abovementioned was a White Man
taken by the Indians in his infancy, he cannot
speak a word of English, he can give no or give any account
of his Family; and only remembers that his
Name was Honnes - His Ears were cut, and
himself, in all respects, dress'd & ornamented
in the Indian stile - dullness and stupidity
seemed to be spread over his Countenance, and
his whole appearance could not but raise
emotions of sorrow and commiseration.


About 4 P.M. the long look-for answer
arrived which at once put an end to all