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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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speech - that the business of the Deputies
was to carry the Commissioners answer to the
Great Council, and they desired the Comissnrs.
would wait a few days for a final answer.

-The Indians then immediately took their
leave, and Thos. McKee

, about 11 oClock also
set off for the Miami, and as the prospect of meeting
the Indians at a general Treaty now
appears very faint, Friends concluded to forward
the address to the Indians, agreed upon the 17th ulto. ultimus
by him, under cover to his Father Col. McKee.


Being a pleasant day walk'd about four
miles down the Lake - the place where we are
encamp'd is the property of Capt. Matthew Elliott

on which is a handsome convenient House,
and a very large new Barn - the Land appears
to be of an excellent quallity both for Grass and
every kind of Grain.- He has a large stock of
fine Cattle, among which are 12 yoke of Oxen,
and I counted 31 Calves and 43 milch Cows
- they are just now geting in the last of
their Harvest, the wheat and oats have suffer'd
much from prodigious flocks of Black Birds,