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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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jointly, and most of our friends had
particular accounts from their dear
connections at Home. - we had also
a joint letter from Col Pickering

, in
behalf of the Commissioners, with a large
bundle of Philadelphia Newspapers as
late as the 6th ultimo. -- Col. Pickering
informs us they were all on board, and
ready to Sail, when the Indian Deputies
arrived, who informed the Commissioners,
their business was to have a conference
with them in the presence of Governor
, this he says will unavoidably
occasion a delay of some days, if not
supersede the intended Treaty.- we
are now anxiously waiting the arrival
of the Dunmore, who in all probability,
will either bring forward the Commissioners,
or information that all hopes of a
Treaty are vanished.


- Being first day had a Meeting in the
Sail Loft, which was large and on