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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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the Commissioners were to return to Navy
Hall, in order that Governor Simcoe

be present at the conference.


was invited by Wm. Baker

, late of New
York, shipwright, to take a sail up the
River as far as Lake Sinclair - set off about
9 oClock and had a pleasant run up
to the upper end of Hog Island, from whence
we had a view of Lake Sinclair, and
return'd home in the evening - for
about the distance of 10 miles, nothing
of the kind, that ever I saw, exceeds the
banks of this River for the beauty of its
prospects, - The Lots are all regularly laid
out, being in front three square Acres
only in breadth, on which are the build-
-ings, Gardens and Orchards.- In the
afternoon of this day arrived the Sloop
Speedwell from Fort Erie, who furnished
us with intelligence from various-
quarters.- we had several Letters from
Philadelphia address'd to our Company