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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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The Choctaw or Flatheads,
The Natches...
The Chickesaws... on the Mobile
& Mississipe 4,500
750 The Cherokees... So. Carolina 2,500 The Catawbas between No. and So. Carolina 150 The Piantias, a wandering Tribe on both sides of the Missisipi 800 The Kasquiriasguiae, or Illinois in general on
the Illinois River, & between the Ouabache, &
the Missisipi (some say, 40) 600 The Piankeshaws
The Onachtenons
The Kickapous On the Quabache [100]...250
500...300 The Shawnese on the Siotta 500 The Delewares on the W. of the Ohio 300 The Maimis on the Miami river falling into Lake Erie & the Miamis 350 The Upper Creeks back of Georgia,
The Middle Creeks behind West Florida
The Lower Creeks in East Florida
4000 The Caouitas, on the East of the River Albamous 700 The Arkansas on the Arkansas River falling
into the Mississipi on the West side 2000 The Anjuer, north of the Missouri 1000 The Paddonias West of the Mississipi 500 The White Panies,
The pickled or prickles Panies So. of the Mississipi 2000
2000 Carried forward... 24,350