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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Nation, whom Colt Butler

would not
permit to be left landed there, alleging they
were in danger of being killed by the other
Indians.- We had a Letter from a person,
who happened accidentally to be in company
with Colonel Butler, he inform'd us that
he heard him say, that, if the demands of the
Indians were not complyed with, it was
his opinion, that the Commissioners, and the
whole of their Retinue, would be massacre'd
- we also had a Letter from Col.McKee, the
British Agent, in answer to one wrote him.
- he dates his Letter from the Foot of the Rapids
of the Miami River, and promises to give us
the earliest intelligence of the time when the
Treaty will likely commence

The following Account is taken from
a Quebec Almanac, for the Year 1792

The Names of all the different Indian
Nations in North America (hitherto discover 'd )
the situation of their Countries, with the
Number of their Fighting Men.