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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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and a little greese* (of what kind I know not)
to mix with it.- this stock of corn is reserved
for extraordinary occasions when they can
neither get Fish or kill anything with their Guns.
- the Labouring People, in these long and tedious
journeys, are all Canadians, who eat their
Fish and Flesh without either bread or and Salt
- at Dinner we had fresh Fish brought in
a Sloop, six days from Lake Superior, they
were the White Fish and Salmon trout, they
would weigh about 6 lb. each, both exceeding good, but
the White Fish, I think, rather preferable - in
the afternoon arrived the Sloop Felicity from
Grand River on Lake Erie, in her came a
number of Indians Passengers - in conversation
with M.Elliott

, he gave it as his opinion, that
four weeks would yet elapse before the commi
Treaty began.


had some conversation with Capt Drake

an intelligent Man, who has for several years
navigated a Vessell on the Lakes, by him was
inform'd that from Detroit to the entrance of Lake


*Hogs Lard and Tallow mixt together