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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Hearing of a Vessell laying at Fort Erie

ready to Sail for Detroit we this morning got one of our
Batteaux carried by Land to the mouth of
Chippeway Creek two miles above the Falls,
the distance 9 miles. [Cartage of Goods 2/N. York
Carr'd. J Au.]


Embark'd in our Batteaux and pushed up
against a rapid Stream 18 miles to Fort Erie

where we embark'd on board a Kings Vessell,
a schooner of about 100 Tons burthen, called
the Dunmore, commanded by Captain Ford,
whose conduct towards us was civil and obliging.
- The Country from Chippeway Creek, on the
West side, up to Fort Erie, is very thickly inhabited
chiefly by new settlers from the united States.-
We had on board the Dunmore 12 passengers
in the Cabbin, several in the Steerage and
upwards of 60 Indians, of different Tribes, on Deck,
which with the Sailors, Marines etc., made the
whole number on board, amount to upwards of
90 Souls - the River from Chippeway to Fort
is from l ΒΌ to 2 miles wide, in which
are several fine Islands - the Course nearly
North and South.


About 2 P.M.a fair wind springing
up made Sail and got out into the Lake