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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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where its width is the same - the
edge of the Rook, on this side, forms near about
half a Circle, the convex side upwards

--The quantity of Water that passes on the West side,
I suppose to be double that which passes on the
East side of the Island, being in the middle 6 or 8
feet deep above the Falls.- It is said that by
actual survey there is found to be 50 feet fall in the
one mile of Rapids just above the Falls, and
from thence down to the Landing, 6 or 7 miles,
the rappidity of the River renders it altogether
impassable, in that distance the fall must be
very considerable, so that taking the whole
into view, we may conclude, that the surface
of the Water of Lake Erie, is nearly 300 feet above
that of Lake Ontario, the distance between these
Lakes being only 36 miles.


This being the first day of the Week we
attended a Meeting appointed by Friends, held in
a Barn, about 2 miles from the Falls, at which
were gathered a considerable number of sober
well-behaved People, and ended much to satisfac-
tion - in the evening return'd to our Encamp-
ment, and were visited by Cornplanter

the Seneca
Chief.- This, and the preceeding day found plenty
of ripe Strawberries.