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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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an old woman came and tried to wake me, knowing their
intention, crying, Up; up; up; many times, and then
left me; but being very sound, I did not regard what was
said unto me, and therefore lay still, till she came and
shook me by the shoulders, and said Up; up; flee; flee
for life; giving me a blanket to hide me; I run among
some thick bushes, and covered myself all over, laying
down under them, which I had no sooner done, but I
heard them march along, sounding through the woods,
singing their warlike songs and passed by me, to go to
the hut where I came from, and sought me with great
fury, threatening the aged woman that they would kill
her unless she would tell where I was, but she said I Was
not there, and then cried out pitiably, What! kill an
old granny! kill an old granny! so they went away, and
I remained to hide myself several days, until their rage
was pacified against me.

I was pleased to hear the deliverance that God wrought
out for my friend, and remarked, that if he had been more
faithful, the Lord then would have blessed his labours
more abundantly, which he with tears acknowledged he
believed; yet said, I have seen fruit of my labour: for
there are thirteen women brought to believe on our Lord
Jesus, and Skanando, the old Chief, is a Christian, weep-
ing all the way. Let the time past suffice, I cried, but if
thou hadst only taken thought for the Indians, God would
have cared for thee and they children; and I am fully sensi-
ble that no one will ever profit the Indians unless they
can lay aside their own interest, and I am thankful that
thou hast done the good thou hast: but I wish though
wouldst let the time past suffice, and what they hand find-
set to do, do it with all they might. My aged brother, with
tears said he Would take my advice: for what I had
advanced was the truth; and I found great peace in de-
claring what I did, and hope that useful lesson, which the
Lord my God taught me by His Spirit to give him, will
be put in practice by myself, in every point of view, as
touching my spiritual labour in His Vineyard; for unless