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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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said, I have come six miles for her, and will not be ex-
cused from taking her to my house: therefore she must
come with me; for I have promised to take her to Oneida
next Sabbath, as Skanando, the old Chief, will not be
satisfied without it.

The contest was finished, and I thought I was richly
rewarded for my faithfulness, having exhorted them to be
ready for the approach of the Bridgegroom, who would
come in such an hour as they thought not of. As I went
home with S. K. we had a very solemn die, and our tears
flowed reciprocally: for the Lord our God, had been with
us in ten thousand dangers, where death threatened us in
the most poignant manner. He told me that he has been
minister forty years, and twenty of that time he adopted
an Indian’s life, living among them for their benefit. When
his lot was first cast there, he was fixed with the best man
they had, who died a few days after; which they attri-
buted to him, and were determined to have revenge, life
for life. He said, I was commanded to fall asleep, and
a fire was prepared; but while they were all around me,
I kept singing hymns, trusting in God to deliver me, yet
they often said to me, Go to sleep, why do you sing?
at last one of the Chiefs was wright on, and made an
affecting speech, signifying, that This brother had fallen
down few steps short a few paces, were they to kill a white
brother for it, saying, It will bring innocent blood upon
our Nation if we kill him: therefore they hearkened unto
this Chief, and I was marvelously delivered from the jaws
of death. Another wonderful escape I had through the
goodness of God: I had taught a number of the young In-
dins to sing psalms, and they used to come and sing
with me, and I prayed, so that many of them were become
civilized, and did not like to go out among the warriors,
which enraged the men of war much, so that they agreed
to take my life from me, saying, I wanted to teach them
to milk, and hoe, and make women of them. The night
they fixed for putting me to death, I was fast asleep, and