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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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was an obedient Son, and never transgressed: yet the
Father laid upon Him the iniquity of us all. The ar-
dency of mind which I felt was great, and I am thankful
the spirit of prayer was imported to me, that I might in-
tercede thereby for the application of his Virtuous Blood,
which poured forth from His Wounds, when He hung a
Spectacle in the air, Dying for all Nations, who were
Made by Him. I gave Captain Hendrick my pocket book,
as I had not a crown to reward him with, for interpreta-
tion. When I came out, many of the Indians gladly took
me by the hand, which affectionately I saluted after the
same manner, knowing, One God was our Father, Re-
deemer, and Sanctifier of all, who are made whole with
His Stripes.

I went a few miles, and held a second meeting in a
barn: for the people, in many places, have to assemble
thus, being not able to accommodate themselves better.
My text was, Master which is the first and great co-
mandment? The fervency of my spirit made me bold as
a lion, and I thought I could finish my life in exciting
them to love the Lord their God with all their heart,
soul, mind, and strength. This is my experience, said I,
and O that it was each of your’s! Several times I stood
silent, being powerfully prevented by weeping; no won-
der if some from this evening, love God with all their
heart, and keep me in remembrance, for the exercise of
my faith and prayer. The day was finished by riding five
miles alone, contemplating the Love of God in Christ to

[13th 8th mo. 1805, Vernon, Oneida County.]

Appointments are made for me in five places, one for
each day; so my work follows me, though I feared being
kept idle. The insatiate thirst for souls which I feel,
is a thousand times more than for my daily bread, or ne-
cessary raiment, therefore I am continually brought into
perplexities and doubts for the different situations of my
hearers. In many corners here, I find some desiring to
know what they shall do to obtain Life Eternal; which I
am baptized for, as I pass along from one place to another,