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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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can speak English so as to be understood. I went to
their church, which is distinguished by a steeple, that
you can see some distance off. It is a neat, clean, wood
building, with glass windows, and a handsome entrance,
having a gallery all round excepting where the minister
sits. The minster took his seat in the pulpit, desiring
me to sit in a pew underneath, where three of his daugh-
ter sat along side of me, dressed as fashionable as any
women in middle rank, although there were but few to see
them, except the Indians, who all came with a blanket
round them, unless it were the young men and women,
who were foolishly hung with features, and head tires of
bright tin mettle. The Indians fantastically dressed,
sung a psalm feelingly, which moved my passion of love,
so that I wept all the time tears of joy. After this Abra-
ham Serjeant
prayed in Indian, and then in English, and
gave out a second psalm, which was sung as the other ad-
mirably. The minister then read part of the fourteenth
chapter of Mark, which Captain Hendrick, a Chief, read
also in Indian; and I was at liberty to preach to them,
and had Captain Hendrick to interpret for me as long as I
thought proper, or in other words, while my Master furnish-
ed me with matter for the occasion, having desired Him
to be both Mouth and Wisdom to me, and also to lead me
to the passage which would be the most enlightening to
them: for I much delighted to be a messenger of peace
individually to them. My subject I took from Isaiah
who prophetically said, He was wounded for our trans-
gressions: He was bruised for our iniquities; the chas-
tisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His Stripes
we are healed. I felt alive in the Truth, therefore deliver-
ed each sentence with energetic love and streaming eyes,
shewing in what manner the Blessed Jesus was wounded
and bruised for us! I do not remember a time that I
could more freely excite to believe on Him by Faith,
which I told them was His Gift, and He would dispense
it to them if they would seek it by prayer, and avoiding
all sin that offended Him who was without sin: for He