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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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this time! when I am as in a wilderness, far from my na-
tive land, and all who were once dear to me by the ties of
friendship, and my honoured father’s house. The Lord
assured me He would come along with me, to prepare my
way, and prosper my goings: and I can say, thus far His
Promises are fulfilled to the joy of my heart.

Yesterday I went to the Indian Castle alone, and walked
from one cottage to another, till I had a number of women
to join in supplication with me, and feeling great sorrow
of heart on their account, I besought the Benign Parent
of us each, to open their blind eyes, that they might see
Jesus, the Saviour of His people; and believe in Him,
who is the Light of the world. I felt great refreshment
in my spirit thereby, and a hope that He who is merciful
will meet those after their own way, and according to
His unbounded Love and Goodness, which is manifested
in and through His Son Jesus. They were very solemn,
and sat as still as possible during the time of prayer,
while the tears trickled down their cheeks. When I arose
they each lifted up their eyes to Heaven, and then looking
earnestly at me, lay their hands on their breasts or hearts,
still melted in tenderness in my presence, and gave me to
understand that they knew something of the God whom I
approached, and felt what was said, though it was not in
their language, and they knew not mine. We parted in
much affection, and I returned home to my friend Young’s,
and was thankful that I could go and refresh my body
with the comforts of life, having fasted from morning to night.

I am no ways calculated to live as the Indian squaws;
yet believe the Lord can enable me to endure great hard-
ship if He sees meet to call me to work in that part of
His vineyard, or soften my sorrows, and assuage my grief,
by supplying me bountifully, as at this time by His extra-
ordinary kindness, sending me help from a quarter that I
might the least expect. I conclude the day with holy
aspirations to the Giver of all my Mercies, for His Spirit
to whisper peace, and free salvation unto all this people,
who appear in a forlorn condition.