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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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My friends followed me this day from the South Settle-
of Pagans, to the Oneida Indians, and from thence
back again to the Barn, which is the first I ever preached
in; an din this small village we had at least three hundred
people assembled, of whom were many deeply humbled at
the goodness of my Master, that was mouth and Wisdom
to me at each different place. I feel myself much obliged
to all who have accompanied me, being a lonely stranger,
but more especially to those who prepared my way, and
found me a horse to ride through the woods. May the
God of Jacob return it back again upon their posterity;
and keep in remembrance my desire to please Him, and
profit every individual who has sat under the sound of
His Gospel, which was sanctioned by His Adorable Pre-

[Vernon, Oneida County, 20th 7th mo. 1805.]

I went out to the other end of the village to have a
meeting in a school-house, where many assembled to wor-
ship God, and hear a stranger. May the blessing of the
Highest attend my feeble efforts, for without this, in vain
will my labour prove: yet, I am of opinion, that my work
will have its reward in that day, when every secret thing
shall be made public to all Nations, and this my love, for
the salvation of precious souls. I can appeal to Thee, my
God, who art the Searcher of all hearts, that the Kingdom
of Jesus Christ is my glory, yea, my chiefest joy,that ab-
sorbs all my powers of soul and body. When I came
from New York, it was to suffer Thy Will; trusting for
mercy from Thy Endless Liberality, that has thus far pre-
pared the hears of the people to receive my labour, and
entertain me as a messenger sent out from God, the Father
of our Lord Jesus, and the whole family of Heaven and

Any one who depends upon God, doing His Special
Work, will acknowledge that He is with me to provide my
daily bread, as occasion requires, which is according to
His ancient promise, “They that Fear the Lord shall
lack no good thing.” The Love of God to His children is
great; how am I made sensible of His Fatherly Care at