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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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/>C. Young told me that Skanando was never once intoxi-
cated, and was looked unto with great respect as king of
those Six Nations. The wife of this Chief went into the
garden and plucked me seven ears of corn just ripe,
saying, Seven is a goodly number, must have seven:
being pleased with some spoons and coffee, with a tin
boiler, which I had given her. I told my friend Calvin
to leave me till the evening, among them, and
I would go from hut to hut: so he did, and I went to one
house which was very neat, with a curtain bed, whose
husband was a Frenchman, and she was handsome, and
had some beautiful children: but was very dirty for
want of washing herself, which I made a move for her to
do. I was happy to see my friend, when he came for me;
having not to eat any thing all the day; and rejoiced much
in my heart, that my eyes have seen this people, which had
many times been shown me in a vision by the Lord, who
has brought me here to see a part of the workmanship of
His Hand; whom our Lord Jesus Christ died for, when
He yielded up His Soul an Offering for sin: but I was
much distressed with seeing number of drunken In-
dins, who came this night and lay in the ditch: I thought
the devil sent them; for they came and lay down close
by the Inn where I was. I counted six who were yelling
like wild beasts; and had it not been for the goodness of
my God, who sent a number of young neat squaws, well
dressed on horse back, I think my mind would not have
been able to support under the wretchedness of those
miserable Indians, who were leveled with the beasts by
their shameful conduct.

One woman, of the name of Tally, was among the
squaws, who came early this morning, and she told me,
that She had been to see a new prophet, which has risen
up from among an Indian tribe two hundred miles off.
Tally said that this prophet told her, He was formerly
very wicked and much given to strong drink; but being
sick for three years, he became sober, and one day as he
sat by the bed side, one knocked at the for, which the