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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Bank of Faith and Works United

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went, I enquired of Calvin Young, what I was in debt to
him, having had lodgings and three meals: but his answer
was, I am paid. Who has paid thee? said I; my friend
replied, All I have is lent, and so long as you can be of
service to the Indians, you are welcome to stay at my
house as a daughter; and I will be to you as a father.
This so astonished me, that I could not say more than
this at the time, I am glad thou dost consider all though
hast as lent; he then assured me, that I Was welcome
to a horse, or a chaise, and that I should have the compa-
ny of him, or his wife, or daughters, any time when I
wanted to ride out; so that I was humbled to the dust,
and saw the fulfilment of the promise of the Lord imme-
diately; for this man was no professor of religion, but
stumbling thereat; because the ministers who were in
this part, he said, Were no better than others, and if he
ever were converted it should be by a woman’s preaching,
which gave me to believe the Lord had sent me to his
house to seek after his precious soul, being a merciful
kind-hearted man. We had a pleasant ride to the Chief’s
house, which was a good framed building of wood, paint-
ed red, two stories high, and two rooms on a floor.Ska-
, the Chief, was pleased to see me and shewed me
his wife, introduced his children, grand-children, and
great-grand-children with joy and happiness, such I pre-
sume, as we do not expect, when we look at their condi-
tion, as the heathen. Skanando tried to number is pos-
terity by counting his fingers many times over, and then
laughed heartily, and cried out, I cannot tell: for I made
this enquiry, How many children, and grand-children
hast though? My soul was so highly gratified, that I gave
Skanando a pair of red stone silver buttons, which was
the only thing I had belonging to my honored mother,
who was dead: for the Chief had a shirt on, with his
sleeves hanging loose, and was without any coat at this
time. He was ninety five, or six years old, and put his
hands together, desiring to live to be one hundred; lifting
up his eyes to Heaven, with a blessed smile. My friend