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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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Some notes kept of a journey from Bradford, the place of our late re-
sidence, to Tunecessah on the Alle-
geny River in York State

In the fall of 1804 my dear Hus
band & myself informed fnd s of Bradford
Moly Meeting

, of a concern that had for some
time attended our Minds, of offering
ourselves to go and reside some time
among the Indian Natives near the
Allegeny River, to endeavor to instruct
them in Agriculture, Spinning, Dairy,
&c, and having obtained the Unity and
Sympathy of our fnd s at home, and also
the concurrence of the Yearly Meetings
Committee on Indian Affairs, Hannah
likewise having a minute
from Newgarden Monthly Meeting, and
the concurrence of the Committee to
accompany us.

5 one 20 and 2nd of the Week

After a time of comfortable quiet
wherein we were favoured to feel the
overshadowing of divine regard to