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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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that my Heart was filled with gratitude,
and in the secret effusions of my spirit
was ready to utter this Language, "great
and marvelous are thy Works, Lord God

10 th 2nd day

Jacob Taylor

went to
inform the Indians of our being come,
and the Young Men here having sent
an address to them, they told him they
would confer togather and let us know.

11 th 3rd day

We recieved word from
the Indians, that they had concluded
to meet in Council in three days, at
a place called Cold Spring

3½ miles
from this place,

14 th 6th day

to the conclusion
of the Indians we went this day to the
Council, Jacob Taylor

having been
very unwell for several days, tho
so much better this Morning, that we
encouraged his going with us, and
about 9 OClock we all set of togather
taking a little provision with us, which
we partook of under a shed in the Town
while the Indians were collecting, about