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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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at Peter Sniders

Saunders, a White Man, his Wife
was taken Captive by the Indians when
she was about three years Old, and had
lived among them ever since, she
cannot talk any English, we got
some Milk of them to eat with our
Bread, then proceeded, and by
5 OClock got to Tunesassah, were
my dear Benjamin was burning
brush, and William at Work with
the Planes, they were all glad to see
us, as we were to get home and see
them, 40 miles

7 th of the Mo 6th day

we got to wash
ing some of our dirty Clothes, a great
many of the natives came to see us
through the coarse of this day, am
among our Visitters, was Corn-

s sister, who said she was
glad the good spirit had brought us
safe through our long Journey, which
raised something so endearing toga-
ther, with such comfortable sensations