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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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which is their situation here, none for
us, nor no Canoe to take us down,
we having some with us, got our
own supper and went to Bed 15m

4 th 3rd day

Cloudy and like for Rain, my

, and Wm Embree with F King
set of on Horseback for Tunesassah, pro-
posing to get Joel Swain with some
other help to bring up a Canoe to
take us and our baggage down

5 th 4th day of the week,

this day has
been spent with anxious desires
to see a Canoe, we feel very dull
and lonesome, two days waiting.

6 th 5th day

Rose early, got break-
fast and set of with a Man that
was going down the River, and in
about 11 miles we met Joel Swain

an Indian with a Canoe coming
for us, which Sight was very agree-
able, and we pretty soon got into
their Canoe, with our baggage and
proceeded, about 12 OClock we stoped