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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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Yet as I had got my feet Wet, we
concluded to make a fire and get
our Breakfast, and feed the horses, continu-
ing through the Wilderness we came to
Pine Creek, in five or 6 miles crossed
it thirteen times, got to Morris's Mills
about 12 OClock 12½ Miles from where
we lodged. When at William Ellis

's we
met with Francis King's daughter, and
she told us we could not get the Wag-
gon through the Wilderness to her Fa-
thers, and at this Mill we recieved
the like information, which account
was very discouraging, after feeding
our Horses & geting some dinner we
set off, half past two, Cousin & I set
of on foot, having a Mountain to as-
scend we got a great distance before
the Waggon, and and stoping at one
Jackson's, until the Waggon came up,
they appeared glad to see us, tho no ac-
quaintance, the woman said she was pleased
to see us so chearfull, but her hus-
band said it would take us 6 weeks
to get to Kings Settlement with the
Waggon, he advised us to call at Moses
's and get his Son to assist us in