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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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was going down a Steep, and excessively
Muddy place, a Bed that we had tyed
up in a Blanket, but was not suffi-
ciently secured, Sliped out of the
fore end of the Waggon down into
the Mud, and a bottle of Milk that
we had purchased for Breackfast
which was stuffed within the Blanket
sliped out, yet it recieved no da-
maged, we took the blanket of the
bed and tyed it up in the Sheet, and
proceeded on, Washing the Blan-
ket at the first Creek we came to,
and sufficiently securing it on the
Top of the Waggon Cover to dry, we
presently came on a lively stream
of Water which followed the Road for
Several Miles Crossing it a great many
times, the last of which times the
bridge being gone, I observed a sap-
ling across the streem about 2 yards
from the Water, and on attempting
to go over on sd. tree when I got a-
bout ½ way; the log shaking, my foot
sliped, and in I went, tho the Water
was but shallow yet I had to wade through
tho it was early to stop for Breakfast