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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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getting along, we then Crossed Pine
Creek at the 2 nd fork, stoped a few mi-
nutes to see Sampson Babb

, who re-
moved from Chester County, and got
to James Yarnall's, 6 miles, his Father's
name was Daniel, and used to live
somewhere about Middletown in
Delaware County, we lodged here 18½ m

30 th 5th day

set of at 5 OClock,
proposing to get our Breakfast
at Moses Wilson

's which was 5 miles
on our way and the first house
we would come to, but when
we arrived at it, the house was
empty, and no body left to en-
quire of, for here we were to get
furter information, but being
a little cold, and a great way before
the Waggon, we made bold to open
the door and go in, where we found
a little fire, which we kindled
up and sat warming ourselves
near half an hour before the Wag-
gon came. then on confering togather
concluded to go on at a Venture, by a Map of
the Road, our kind fnd Thomas Stewardson had