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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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to reach Tunesassah

and were where we were anxious to get
home set off about 3 F, his son and daug
-hter with us, before we had gone far it
began to thunder and the Gust increased till there
was a very heavy shower, we stoped at a
little house a while till the heaviest
was over, but the loads being on the
horses I was afraid our clothes would
be very wet. and having nothing but
a foot path, and the bushes very wet
made it disagreeable travelling. but
we got R Hoopss there 7 o clock and were kindly reli
-eved, but the man was not at home, be
-ing gone to seek provision, several places
we have been at latterly it has been
the case, scarce of provision, which is
the case here, none for us, no canoe to
take us down, haveing some with us
got our supper and went to bed

4th day

Cloudy and like for rain Ben

& Wm, and Frances with them set off for
Tunesassah on horse back, leaving us be
-hind, purposing sending a canoe
for us

4th day

This day has been spent
with anxious desires to see a canoe,
we feel very dull and lonesome, two