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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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days waiting

6th 5th day

Rose early got breakfast set
of with a man that was going down
the river got 11m, met Joel Swain

an Indian with a canoe going coming for us we got
in with them and proceeded, about
12 oclock stoped at Peter Sniders a white
man his wife was taken captive when about
3 years old, has lived with the Indians
ever since, and cannot talk any en
glish, got some milk of them to eat with
our bread, set off again got to Tune
5 o clock 40m my dear B was
borning brush Wm at work with the
planes they all glad to see us and we
to get home

6th day

got to washing some of our
dirty clothes, a great many of the na-
tives coming to see us thro the course
of the day, Cornplanters

sister said
she was glad the good spirit had
brought us safe on our long journey,
which revived somthing endearing toge
ther with comfortable impressions and
caused the grateful returns of grati-
tude so to enforce; that in the secret