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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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1st day

Cloudy morn 5 o clock set out,
travelling till 8 cross'd the Oswago C it begin
-ing to rain thot best to get breakfast 9.
proceeded again, got to John Bell's

12 oclock
12m his wife seeing us coming ran out to
meet us with tears running, we were
glad to see her, having been better than
two days and two nights in the wilderness,
altho the journey has been a little trying
yet I felt somthing animating and en
-courageing 6 revived, and my heart was
filled with a precious sweetness which was
a sufficient consolation for the most
trying seasons, O may I ever abide in the
patience with my eye single to him
who knoweth best what is best for us,
after dinner Benjamin and Wm went 3 miles
to Francis King's to see about a canoe
and staid all night, we staying with M.
Bell her husband not at home

2nd day

Cloudy about 10 o clock they
came & F King

with them, and fetched
some horses for cousin and I, we went to
F. to dinner it looking like for rain
they & wished us to stay all night, but
we thot to get 12m down the river to
Robert Hoops's. could get thro hoping next day